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Why I can't add my account I want my money back


The application does not work

This app didn't work

I just bought this app, and dissapointed. Not work, couldn't add any twitter account. I ask for refund

Doesn't work.

Same for me. Paid for it and it doesn't work. I'm sad because I really need this scheduling feature for my business.

Doesn't work

Paid for an app that doesn't work.

Doesn't work anymore

This app is broken. If you buy it at complain, the developer will tell you to ask for a refund from Apple. Save your time and money.


Does not work!! Do not buy

Doesn't tweet photos

Instead links to some site with ads but no photo

Horrible app not as described

Description says you can add images to your tweets not add image LINKS to your tweets. As a business you want to get as much exposure as you can. Having an image show up on followers timelines is an eye catcher, a link certainly isn't. App should certainly be free does not offer anything more than free hootsuite except for the map which is pretty useless. Removing and disputing with my credit card company and reporting to ITunes for incorrect product description.

Better then Hootsuite!!

Its gets the job done! Way better and simple then Hootsuite!!! 😀😀

I love it!

I'm in love. I can sleep and post as much as I want. I have no idea if there's a post limit, but I haven't encountered it yet. I tried using Buffer for scheduled posts, but it has a post limit of 10. Are you kidding. TEN. Besides that, the only problem I ran into was when I don't have signal and scheduled tweets refuse to save, or they don't post on time. I'm pretty sure it all circles around how strong your connection is and I'm traveling right now so I don't know how relevant my review is.


Only app I could find that let's you schedule tweets in advance #awesome

best thing for scheduling

best thing for scheduling non picture content - horrible for picture uploads - yfrog is an outdated service - also my picture quality was greatly reduced! there were some login issues as well that were only solved by changing my password.


biggest waste of money. $5 dollars for an app that doesn't work. I try to add my account and it says "your account can not be loaded" and I even put in another account. Same thing. My friends are having the same issue.


Why it's always the programme not working well .. It works for one day and stop for at least 2-3 days .. Try to fix this bug please .. Thank you


Will this app ever work. It logged me out one day and now It says it cannot load my account. Bummer.

Almost there

The value of this program is if you could schedule retweets. In order to do that, you need to see the twitter feed.

Excellent App, but

This is an awesome app if you want to program a load of tweets to be sent out at a specific time. The only draw back is that it takes over your sound when you start the app. Meaning you can sit and program all your tweets in silence, since it shuts off your tunes.

Good app, poorly made

I bought this app and used it for a week successfully. Then it just stopped sending my tweet and said cannot sync data. Needs an update, do not buy this app.

Yes and no

I have been using this app for about a year and have loved it. Never had any problems until today. Today it says it "cannot save my tweet". I assume it is a server error. Regardless it is an amazing app, but as of right now I'm mad it is not working. Overall, worth the money spent.

مو ولابد

لا يوجد فيه تايم لاين ولا منشن ولا رسائل ولا مفضلة تقصد تكتب تغريدة وتحدد وقت معين لإرسالها فقط

Not letting me sign in!!!

It won't let me sign in! Waste of money!!!


It's not letting me sign in "JUNK" worth no stars!

Promising but needs work

The idea and functionality are of course great, but I can't base a review off an idea, but rather the execution — which is lacking. First, no dates are shown for previously tweeted items. Just, absurdly, a day of the week. "Monday." Monday of which year? These are, in my case, very old tweets! There is no iOS5 Twitter account integration. Tweetbot does well here. Tweetr should, too. Another gripe: the overly-aggressive URL "shortening" of already-shortened URLs, even those which are shorter than the replacement! This behavior isn't customizable, and shake-to-undo doesn't work to restore your original, pasted URL. I haven't heard of before, and frankly don't trust it to handle all my tweeter URLs. At least it can handle multiple accounts!

WARNING: Waste of money & a rip-off

This is a useless app. It doesn't work & if you ever get it to work they store your password on their server. do not buy!

Nice idea, but…

Why is it necessary for this app to stop my iPod music/podcasts/whatever from playing whenever I open it? I know you are proud of your sound effects, but I would REALLY rather listen to the audio of my choice.


Username and password will be stored on tweetr's servers. This must be for the scheduled tweets. Thanks but NO THANKS! Deleted....

What a colossal piece of crap! 

This app crashes nearly everytime and it continually loses saved work! 

Awesomeness x100

I love the idea of being able to schedule my tweets. This is the app that I've been dreaming about and now I own it. Hands down, best money I've ever spent on an app!

Very bad app

Not working!!

5 minute intervals, no

If the app had integration and the ability to schedule at one minute intervals, I'd have a use for it. No is a hassle. Five minute intervals are a dealbreaker.

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